Mixing flavors and obtaining decent results is not an easy job. More than that, the taste is an very subjective thing so when some people are saying that DK Tobacco Base is an amazing resource, some other will just throw up on it’s taste.

Along with so many hardware manufacturers for ecigarettes, the flavor manufacturers are starting to see opportunities in this business. The list becomes huge and the choices are so many that instead of helping the final customer, we become more and more confused on what and how to use it right.

diy-eliquids list websites recipesWith so many flavors around, recipes are now more and more variate. There are quite a few resources websites, but Hey! Mark my words on this advises :

  1. If anybody will obtain Bobas Bounty recipe you will never find out.
  2. you will find a huge number of recipes, but maybe, maybe 5% of them are good. So many vapers are just mixing some flavors and then they’re posting the process even if the result is not amazing. Is so easy to throw some percentages and some flavors and name your recipe with a monkey name so for sure there will be a few¬†stunned vapers trying to replicate… nothing.
  3. most of the comments will be ” Sounds good! ” ¬†or “Yummy”, but, for my personal frustration also, nobody comes back with a feed-back.
  4. trust your instincts more than whatever you’ll find written in there. Just now I found an recipe with 5% watermelon from Lorann . You just have to be out of your mind to use more than 3 drops in any recipe of 10ml eliquid of this flavor. It will ruin the result. 5% is just a laugh.


Eliquids Recipes Websites List


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