mint-flavorsWhile smoking the regular cigarettes, the ones with mint flavor were quite an awful choice for my taste. Now-days, while vaping, mint is a very nice alternative from time to time. I must say that I’ve tested quite a few flavors until I found the right one for myself.
Spearmint, pepermint and Menthol Liquid from Perfumers Apprentice were a bit either to strong or sometimes giving me the hospital kind of feeling in my mouth. The worse choice is wintergreen. I’ve tried to add one drop per 10ml elquid and still in above the limit a human can accept.
Not the same was Koolada, from the same manufacturer. Has less mint taste but keeps strong the refreshing hit in your throat. Do not think about using it at more than 2% in any combination. It will destroy the result. Up till there will just give you the freshness you are looking for. And… if you want to buy the real thing, the eliquid already made than you can choose either the mint eliquids from Halo or the ones from Tuscan Liquids.

Bottom Line :

Mint Products List  by Flavors Manufacturers :

Perfumers Apprentice Mint Products

Flavour Art Mint Products

  • Spearmint
  • Pepermint
  • Arctic Menthol
  • Hypnotic Mist

Capella Mint Flavors

Do you know any other mint flavors manufacturers? Feel free to tell us about them in a comment and we’ll try to rate them. Also, if you’ve tried any of this DIY products, tell us about.