QUEEN LOGOThere a new toy around! We had the chance to test all the eliquids from one of the newest manufacturer around, Queens Flavors Eliquids.

So far we have tested 8 products and this is the review :

1. Captain Kidd

While for analog cigarettes menthol taste is mostly for the ladies, when we speak about ecigarettes, mint might be amazing to try from time to time, and for sure men love them too. This flavor is one fine mix of chocolate mint. Refreshing and with a real nice balance in between the sweet taste and the mint one. We strongly recommend this one to be purchased.

2. Calico Jack

After the name we first expected to taste a tobacco flavor, but the surprise was that we got chocolate taste instead. Not bad at all, with a strong sweet hint in it.

3. Night Rambler

Really really nice! This is our favorite so far, but, of course… you might like another one from this range. We are not very sure how to describe it as there’s some apple coming out of the flavor and some sweet coconut as well. There is a decent balance in between them, so… couldn’t get enough of vaping this one.

4. Cure Vallant

Well… for whoever likes the cinnamon, then you might try this flavor. Some of us are into it, some of us not. So… not sure how to rate this flavor. It is vapable, it is decent, but… to vape it the whole day… I am not sure about it.

5.Most Holy Trinity

This is just awesome! A fruity flavor in this range was just a nice change. Somehow, I would’ve call this one PAPA SMURF! 🙂 Strawberry and…. some other berries in a very nice mix. You can go through it weeks and won’t feel like you want to change it.

6. Jolly Roger

Somehow , this flavor is very similar with Golden Virginia Tobacco. Sweet and with a hint of lemon in it, but somehow you’ll feel a turkish tobacco in it. Nice and very vapable.

7. Derdrake

Seems like this cinnamon is popular around Queens Eliquids. Somehow we would rate this one as a tobacco flavor, as sometimes you’ll feel a nice Burley Tobacco vapor.

8. Barbarossa

Give some more! 🙂 Very nutty and with a slightly sweet cherry taste in it. Sometimes it is like cappuccino, sometime is sweet like cherry… similar with Tribeca from Halo Eliquids.

Overall, this flavors are nice and decent, even the price is not the lowest one. You should try them!