4 easy steps on how to start an eliquid startup website in ecigarettes industry.

eliquid startup website

  • Buy a domain

Easy to said, but what is the best approach?! You have so many options in this days. You might wanna look for a niche domain, like eliquihellstore.com ecigarettesonlinesell.net etc, or you might just wanna look for developing your own brand. I am sure that Coca-Cola webiste is not drinkdarksoda.com, so chose it wisely. Look around. You might look forward to develop local, as well to build an national brand or, why not… GLOBAL. When I say Global , this is exactly what I meant. I own a eliquid online store with customers from US NAVY from Haway, to Australia and Japan. The best customers are Finland and Italy at this time, but in the past Turkish vapers were our buddies. So never know where you will be heading to.


Eliquid startup website in just a few steps.


  • Look for a host for your website.

I have no ideea what is the best one to be with, but stay away from Hostagor and Godaddy.

We’ve been working with them both. While Godaddy was very slow, Hostgator are being attacked by hackers very often, and your account will get hacked quite often.

First, look around you. Speak with you buddies, check what are they using, how happy they are and then, make up your mind. In the last 5 years my websites were hacked at least 8 times and I lost some of them due to the broken back-up I had. Being cheap is not the best approach. If possible, buy a website-malware-lock from your provider and I can asure you that those 60$ are one of your best investment at the beginning.

  • Chose an eCommerce platform.

The options are multiple. I worked around with prestashop ( the best performance in sales ) , Opencart and I saw really good looking websites WordPress-based. On wordpress you might get some frustrations due to the product customization and shipping fees applied, but SEO with YOAST is a blast you don’t want to miss. Again… the best platform for an online store is Prestashop.

  • find an eliquid supplier, or just manufacture your own brand.

Or find a chinese that will label your products, yes you can do that as well. This days nothing stands in the way in your success. If you  look forward on manufacture your own eliquids, the pain will be higher, but the profit margins might just set you on the right track. You will be in control over the quality of the eliquids you are delivering and, comparing with just delivering products manufactured by other companies. 

Let’s stop a little bit on this topic, of manufacturing your own eliquids. Is not as easy as it seams. Buying the flavors from China is most of the time a huge headache. Luckily the provider knew it’s way around how to get rid of the customs regulations. The problem in EU is the fact that nobody knows anything about this product’s laws and people with no knowledge are being involved in producing rules and regulations regarding ecigarettes. Is frustrating to see and hear that the vapor is considered a threat to the people around, just like the smoke coming out of a cigarette.

When you want to produce your own eliquids you have to deal with importing nicotine, flavors and buy Propilenglicol and Vegetable Glycerin. This is for sure not an easy task. Nicotine is being considered poison, so producing bases with high level nicotine is an hazardous activity.

Your decision of starting an eliquid startup website is coming in the right time. The statistics are saying that there is a huge number of smokers giving away the cigarettes for the electronic option.

Avoid on your eliquid startup website:

  1. Not to provide an awesome Customer Service service. One bad comment on a forum ( it might be from the competitors also ) and you’ll be fighting so hard to convince the customers about your good will.
  2. Do not really try to provide an enormous number of flavors. We have the example of Allien Juice with thier Boba’s Bounty eliquid. They are literally out of stock most of the time, due to the enormous orders they get. Coca-Cola is up to 6 times sold more than all the other products the company has.
  3. Consider on providing gifts to all of your orders. One small 6ml eliquid as gift will tune up your sales.