honweydew-flavor-perfumers-apprenticeThis is actually a new flavor from Perfumers Apprentice. Not the newest, but as far as I remember I haven’t seen it before.  The name of this flavor is well chosen, but actually is it a watermelon strong, wait… very strong flavor. You’ll have to throw away your atomizer if you’ll dare to make an eliquid with regular 5-10%  flavor,  so… better not.

If you intend to make an mix, than this is what this flavor has been made for. Start with the incredible amount of 1 drop for 10 ml of eliquid 🙂 and you might just get somewhere.

Do not get me wrong. This is not a bad flavor, but is just too strong for use it by itself or in regular mixes. So just be careful with it. I had the same surprize with watermelon from Loran. It is nice and has a very nice red colour, but the result with more than 1 drop in an mix is just awful and is just going to make you cry for the wasted money.

What can you mix it with? Let’s see! See it how ti goes with a Jamaican Rum. Otherwise… try it with sweet notes like Irish Cream or Chocolate from Capella. I wouldn’t go with tobacco but mint might be a choice.