Dropshipping eliquids

Funny thing… there is a massive trend in ecigarettes industry about this way of building a business, more exactly dealing with dropshipping eliquids. Obviously, there is a huge industry growing, and due to the lack of the laws in European industry the particular way of selling the eliquid is just the right approach to go around and sneak the products to the customers.

dropshipping eliquids

The best niche in the industry is dropshipping eliquids one

Dropshipping eliquids – What it means

It just means that behind the online store there is no production involved out of the store owner. The store has nothing to do with the delivery neither the stocks involved. All they have to make sure is that the stocks are being updated staying closely in touch with the manufacturer. Sometimes is not just one eliquid provider, but two or even more. The profit margins are almost the best in the industry, up to 300%, when dealing with chineese factories.


  • You buy the merchandise at our greatest prices
    No advance payment for stock
    No storage required
    No postage or packing
    Small Quantities might just be available for purchase   with none worry
    Up to 300% further profits

We sort of discovered some good examples of stores choosing this way of business. Eliquidstore.com that , by the way is down at this time. They are trying to sell the shop on Flippa.com. Another example is Puffking . Not sure who are the e-liquid providers, but for sure the store is a dropshipping business.

The disadvantage of the store owner is the fact that has no control over the customer service involved. Most of the time all they can do is forwarding the inquiries to the manufacturer and hoping that it is going to be solved.

One statistic about the vapers said that 1 out of 3 ecigarette smokers tried at least once  to become a dealer. Most of the stores are still doing the business the old way, by producing the eliquid and trying to sell it through their online stores or through different wholesale channels.

Dropshipping e-liquids might be one of the best niches due to the EU laws. For example in Finland you are not allowed to sell any e-liquids, so all you can do is to buy from an online shop from outside the country. No physical shoppes are being allowed. In Romania the cigarettes mafia managed to apply similar taxes on e-liquids like on regular cigarettes. You simply just can’t fight with their financial resources.

In order to build an online shop with drop-shipping you might choose from different providers like Opencart, Prestashop. Out of our opinion WordPress might just be the best choice, due to their versatility when it comes to SEO. Using E-Commerce plugins along with YoastSeo  you can just transform a blog into a very good looking online shop with the best SEO involved.