Eliquid recipes tobacco based for ecigarettes

Popcorn from Perfumers Apprentice in eliquid recipes for Ecigarettes

Well... we are aware of the beauty of vaping and it's advantages against analog smoking. One thing is for sure. We do love flavors and changing them from time to time is a treat for our taste buds. Buying eliquids is a choice, but you can also purchase the base, VG or PG with your favorite [...]

Vanilla Tobacco Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

1% Vanilla Swirl 5% Bavarian Cream 1% Bourbon Vanilla 1% Dk Tobacco Base 1% M-Type Tobacco 1% Sour Flavor We do suggest using Perfumers Apprentice flavors for this eliquid recipe for electronic cigarettes

Honeygold Sunrise Tobacco Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

  0.2% Tobacco DK 0.1% RY4 0.1% Coffee Extra 01% Vanilla Bourbon 01% Bittersweet Chocolate Extra 01% Honey 00.5% Cinnamon Perfumers Apprentice Flavors are recommended to be used.  

Cherry Tobacco Recipe for Ecigarettes

4% Black Cherry 7% Tobacco Blend 1% Ethyl-Maltol Perfumers Apprentice flavors are going to be used.  

Honey Tobacco Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

For this one there will be only Perfumers Apprentice flavors.   1.0 ml of honey flavor 0.5 ml of tobacco blend 0.3 ml of sweetner 0.2 ml of honey sickle

Boba’s Bounty – Alien Vision review and clones

Ther's been so many topics written about this eliquid, so we decided to try it. Actually we got lucky, as we found it at the first and only Alien Vision supplier in Europe - Toscana Mall. Well... All the words that has been spoken and written about it are true. Is a whole day vape, [...]