Eliquid recipes fruits based for ecigarettes

Red vs. Blue Eliquid Recipe for Electronic cigarettes

Is so hard to find a fruits recipe for electronic cigarettes. You can use this flavors in cakes, but when it comes to vapors it just might not work. This one is not coming from the same direction. From an unknown reason, all this flavors together will just blend in a tasty sweet and flavored [...]

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Honeydew, Perfumers Apprentice – Review

This is actually a new flavor from Perfumers Apprentice. Not the newest, but as far as I remember I haven't seen it before.  The name of this flavor is well chosen, but actually is it a watermelon strong, wait... very strong flavor. You'll have to throw away your atomizer if you'll dare to make an [...]

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Pineapple Euphoria Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

Recipe with Perfumers Apprentice flavors. 0.5 ml Pineapple 0.4ml  Brown sugar extra 0.2ml Cookie 0.2ml  Vanilla bean ice cream 0.2ml Waffle 0.2ml  Amaretto 0.1ml Graham Cracker 3 drops  Sweetneer 3 drops  Cherry Maraschino 3 drops  Caramel Original

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Fuzzy Melon ELiquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

6% Cantaloupe 5% Honeydew 3% Peach 3% Cotton Candy All the flavors are from Perfumers Apprentice. Also, the author recommends at least one week for resting of the made eliquid, before it gets vaped.

True Blood Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

strawberry 5% white choccolate 10% sweet cream 2% ethal maltol 3% Perfumers Apprentice flavors are used for this recipe.

Cherry Tobacco Recipe for Ecigarettes

4% Black Cherry 7% Tobacco Blend 1% Ethyl-Maltol Perfumers Apprentice flavors are going to be used.  

Gorilla’s Scream E Liquid Recipe

Perfumers Apprentice Flavors are going to be used     Mango 7% Pineapple  9% Banana  3% Sweetner  1%

Papa Smurf Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

Even if Papa Smurf doesn't seem to vape or smoke in the cartoons, this recipe has this hint of joy and fruitness.

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Strawberry Daiquiri Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

1.0 ml Strawberry 0.3 ml Lime Tahiti 0.2 ml Lemon 0.5 ml Jamaican Rum Perfumers Apprentice flavors for 10ml eliquid

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Skittles Eliquid Recipe for Ecigarettes

3% BLUEBERRY 2% CHERRY BLOSSOM 3% WATERMELON 2% RASPBERRY 2.5% POMEGRANATE 3% PINEAPPLE 3% STRAWBERRY 10ml eliquid with Perfumers Apprentice flavors