Recipes of your best all day vapes for electronic cigarettes

Eliquid recipe – 5 stars simple – Caramel-Banana

Eliquid recipe with banana and caramel. we are using Perfumers Apprentice in for mixing this eliquid. Also we do recommend vegetable glycerin per base.

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How to sweeten your eliquid recipe

what have you tried to sweeten your eliquid recipe? we'll tell you our stories, what we've tried and worked.

The right mint flavor to use it on DIY

looking for some good mint flavors in your eliquid mix recipes? Check this article.

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Elivs clone LJSESMOKES recipe

Trying to replicate a recipe is almost impossible. There has been so many ideas and recipes for Bobas Bounty , but so far nobody managed to reach anywhere. This case is pretty similar :) I wasn't trying to replicate anything, I was looking to mix some new stuff for the weekend upcoming. The first day, [...]

Red vs. Blue Eliquid Recipe for Electronic cigarettes

Is so hard to find a fruits recipe for electronic cigarettes. You can use this flavors in cakes, but when it comes to vapors it just might not work. This one is not coming from the same direction. From an unknown reason, all this flavors together will just blend in a tasty sweet and flavored [...]

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Drunk Monkey – Eliquid Recipe

I must say that whenever I mix new recipes I always try to stick with a sweet neutral base. In this case Butter Rum from Capella is what will just settle the final flavor of the result. Ripe Banana from PA is a very strong flavor so used in more than this 2% will ruin [...]

Hazelnut Mocha Eliquid Recipe

This is what I call a really well balanced recipe. Most of the vapers do love sweet eliquids so this one is in the trend. While The Choco Fudge Brownie is a very dark and sweet flavor, the taste of the Keoke Coffee will bring the hardness inside the vapor. Enjoy!   Choco Fudge Brownie [...]

Black Tea Review- The Perfumers Apprentice

We all do look for something to add to our DIY recipes to get the tobacco taste in it. At least this is what we were  searching for. And guess what?!?! I found it. This is not a regular flavor. Anything more that 2 percent in your recipe will just ruin the result. We have [...]

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Honeydew, Perfumers Apprentice – Review

This is actually a new flavor from Perfumers Apprentice. Not the newest, but as far as I remember I haven't seen it before.  The name of this flavor is well chosen, but actually is it a watermelon strong, wait... very strong flavor. You'll have to throw away your atomizer if you'll dare to make an [...]

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Captain Kidd, Queens Eliquids – Review

The biggest percentage of the vaping community  loves sweet eliquids. More than that, there is a far bigger number of mint lovers in between the vapers than the regular cigarettes smokers. This is why Halo, one of the big players in the eliquid manufacturers has a huge number of eliquids with mint in them. This [...]

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