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    Welcome to the information page on Electric Cigarettes, Here you will find all necessary information on these new electric cigarette, its most famous brands, its variety of flavors and nicotine levels. The use of snuff is the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. For most smokers quit the habit can be [...]

The electronic cigarette is the easiest way to enjoy the pleasure of smoking and snuff flavor without compromising health and that of those around us. Electronic cigarettes are devices that simulate traditional cigarettes but without the harmful substances of snuff. They smoke just like traditional cigarettes and come loaded with nicotine cartridges that satisfy the [...]

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The purpose and the existence of e-cigarettes is only to satisfy a smoker's dependence with a better alternative. Inviting non-smoking friends or family can have the opposite effect when the novice to begin inhaling smoke is not good, even when using filters or solutions without nicotine . When a person smokes a regular cigarette stimulates [...]

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10 Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette: End-to poison yourself with every puff! contents of a Ecigaret refills are nicotine and fřdevare approved flavors. - Not Krćftfremkaldende! E-cigarette contains no krćftfremkaldende drugs, whereas a real cigarette contains up to 4,000 chemical substances that evoke of them toxic and krćftfremkaldende. - No smoking Pasiv! The electronic cigarette [...]

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e-Tobacco or tobacco Electronic or electronic cigarette is a real tobacco cigarette-like device externally. Its purpose is to imitate as closely as possible real tobacco flavor, function and purpose, but at the same time, thus reducing all the negative things. Different models are always regular cigarettes resembling big cigar, or pipe-looking models and sizes. Tobacco-looking [...]

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In Belgium we walk in many ways sometimes a bit behind the facts. Is such that with electrical smoking. While the electronic cigarette a huge rise in many countries, there is an almost unknown phenomenon to us. Through this website we try to change this and make you familiar with this revolutionary product. An electronic [...]

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The so-called " electronic cigarettes "(also coll" electric cigarette, electric cigarettes, "etc.) are all the rage, even the currently dealt EU Parliament with the new classification of the stimulant [here] . Within the EU is required because of a reclassification by this test as they perform according to opinion of EU politicians as drug products [...]

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Not just the life of a smoker in the early 21st Century. The medicine, he declared a serious drug addict, a devotee even death, wary look in your wallet confirms the assessment and supported sympathetic to angry looks of his immediate environment through wide-area smoking bans are the figurative last nail in his self-esteem. Smoking [...]

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My name is Simon K. and live since I was born in Germany. Since the 16th Age I am a smoker. Now I am 34 years old and have therefore already smoked some cigarettes in my life. Much to the chagrin of my body. So I would like my team and introduce them an alternative [...]

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