Russian 91% Styled Rebuildable Atomizer – review

And... we are there!!! It's been a while since we all were wondering when will they build decent atomizers. Not to smell like your are cooking bones straight on ember. When will them be strong enough build not to brake. This type of atomizers are exactly what we were looking for since a long time ago. [...]

The best vapor, taste and strenght in one cartomizer – EGO Dual Coil SMOKTECH

After a while, all you're asking for is to find your perfect atomizer, with no burning taste, providing a strong vapor and if is going to least for 2 weeks or so... We have find this EGO DUAL COIL as being the best fit, out of financial perspective as well.  It costs in between 3.7 [...]

eGo-C Joyetech

  Joyetech is one of the most known brands in the area. Their products are up to standards and 99% of the time you'll get what you expect. eGo-C came in the need of spending less for this habit. First you'll buy the body and if the atomizer won't provide the vapor anymore, all you [...]

eGo-T – Atomizer Joyetech

A while ago we got this atomizers and ... thought we've got the Almighty Jesus  in our fingers. The Dual coils came after and again, Saint Peter itself was vaping this cartomizers. Well, after a while we got back to this eGo-Tank and the surprise was quite a huge one. eGo-T was doing the job properly. Even with the fact [...]