We all do look for something to add to our DIY recipes to get the tobacco taste in it. At least this is what we were  searching for. And guess what?!?! I found it.

This is not a regular flavor. Anything more that 2 percent in your recipe will just ruin the result. We have tried it by itself with 5% add in 10ml VG and it was just awful. Several days ago, i added just 2 drops , along with 5% New York Cheese Cake – Capella and 5% Chocolate Coconut – Capella. The result was amazing! Strong, and smoky, but sweet in the same time.

This flavor has a minus also. It gives that bad smell in the room, the same with any honey flavor either from perfumers of Capella.

Bottom line? Try to add it in sweet recipes and you’ll have your ecigarette eliquid just nice.